When you are driving, the last part of your vehicle that you want to fail would be your brakes. Preventative maintenance and awareness of the warning signs can make a huge difference - keeping you safer on the road.
  • Check your brake fluid regularly, making sure that you have enough fresh fluid.
  • If you notice that your brake fluid has become milky, then it may have mixed with water condensation; time to change it.
  • Observe the lining of your brake pads. If they have less than 1/8" of padding, it's time to replace them.
  • Look for grooves and other rough spots on your rotor disc, which indicate that your rotor may need replacing.
  • In general, whenever you observe an issue with your brakes, attempt to address it immediately.

Warning Signs
The most obvious warning sign for your brakes is when the brake warning light or indicator appears on your dashboard. Drive with caution until you can determine the problem.

You may hear odd sounds when you apply the brakes, such as squeaking or scratching. Be alert for anything unusual.

If there is a problem with your brakes, you may find that your vehicle turns slightly or even seems to shake when you brake.

Sometimes, brake pedal issues make it difficult to push down on the brake, or make it way too easy to push down the brake.

You drive your car frequently; if something feels off, you will know it. Anything that makes you nervous is a valid warning sign when it comes to the brakes. Be careful and vigilant!
Be safe out there, and always keep good track of what's happening with your brakes. Are you concerned about your brakes or brake pads? Have any questions? For additional help or to have your brakes serviced by a professional, don't hesitate to visit us anytime, here at El Cajon Mitsubishi.

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