Mitsubishi History El Cajon, CA

History of Mitsubishi

The history of Mitsubishi Motors dates back to 1870 when Yataro Iwasaki - along with his brother, son, and nephew - came together to create Mitsubishi in Japan. Originally, the company focused on shipping. However, as time went on, it broadened its focus into other areas as well.

Early 1900s

The three-diamond Mitsubishi trademark symbol made its first appearance in 1914. Mitsubishi started developing its first passenger car, the Model-A, in 1917. It then began the manufacturing process for the internal combustion engine in 1921.


Mitsubishi grew a lot during this decade. It added new production facilities and new vehicles to its lineup, including the three-wheeled cargo carrier Mizushima, the Silver Pigeon scooter, and a Fuso bus.


As Mitsubishi began producing more automobiles, it created Fuso Motor Sales to focus on this industry. This brought about the Henry J passenger car and the JH4 four-cylinder engine for the Jeep.


Mitsubishi expanded its global presence in the 1960s with models like the Colt 600, the Mitsubishi 500, Debonair, Minica, and the 360 Pickup and Van.


In 1970, the Mitsubishi Motors Corporation was officially established to help celebrate the company's 100-year history. The Dodge Colt, which was produced as a joint venture with Chrysler, begins sales in the United States in 1971.


To help further its growth in America, Mitsubishi Motors Sales America is established in 1981. A few years later, Mitsubishi opens a design center in Cypress, California and a test laboratory in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


The iconic Lancer Evolution makes its first debut in 1992. In 1999, Mitsubishi set a world record by driving an electric vehicle 2,000 kilometers in just 24 hours.


With the turn of the century, Mitsubishi became more focused on its environmental impact and future sustainability. It introduced the electric "i" model.

Who knows where the future will take the company? At El Cajon Mitsubishi, we're just happy to be along for the ride.