Knowing when to service your vehicle or figuring out what's wrong with it can be confusing. That's why we're here to help at El Cajon Mitsubishi! We've answered some of our frequently asked service questions.

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How often should I change my oil?
  • Most Mitsubishi vehicles should have their oil changed every 5,000 miles. For your exact maintenance schedule, check your owner's manual. Where and how you drive can make a difference, so speaking with a service advisor about your vehicle maintenance schedule is a good idea.
What is anti-freeze and how often does it need checked?
  • Anti-freeze, also known as coolant, is used in your engine to keep fluids from freezing at cold temperatures and overheating in hot weather. It is an important part of keeping your engine at a cool and stable temperature.
  • Anti-freeze does not need changed as often as engine oil, however, you should keep an eye on it to make sure your engine is running properly. For the recommended time to change your anti-freeze, consult your owner's manual. Most Mitsubishi vehicles should have their anti-freeze replaced every 30,000 miles.
 How often should I check my tire pressure? When should I rotate my tires?
  • Take the time once a month to check your tire pressure. They should always be set to the tire manufacturer's suggested PSI specifications, which can be found on the side of the tire or in the owner's manual. This will improve your car's gas mileage, handling, and tire wear.
  • Mitsubishi suggests rotating your tires every time you have your oil changed, unless you drive a Lancer 2.4L with 18-inch wheels. The Lancer 2.4L should have its tires rotated every 3,750 miles. For a full maintenance schedule, you can visit Mitsubishi's website.
Why are my brakes making noise?
  • If you hear squealing or grinding when you brake, your brake pads or rotors are very likely worn down and need to be serviced right away. Noisy brakes are unsafe. Contact a service advisor as soon as possible.
 How often should I change my wiper blades?
  • If your car is usually parked inside, you can get away with changing them just once a year. If the car is normally parked outside or the wipers are excessively used, it's recommended that they're changed every six months.
  • As soon as you notice your windshield wipers aren't clearing the windshield as well, and it's hampering visibility, you should replace the blades.
Can I still drive my car when the check engine light is on?
  • Yes. A check engine light can mean anything, from small problems to large problems. Loose gas caps can cause your check engine light to turn on. If you've checked your gas cap, and the light is still on, contact your service advisor as soon as possible to prevent doing any damage to your engine.
If the light is flashing, service is required immediately.

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