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Get Exactly What You're Looking For

We are encouraging shoppers in the San Diego and El Cajon areas to browse our inventory of in-stock and in-transit new Mitsubishi vehicles to see if their ideal car is currently available. But what if the perfect car, truck or SUV - with the right color, trim, and options - is unavailable? Our solution is simple. Start your Sold Custom Order with El Cajon Mitsubishi, and get your new Mitsubishi vehicle without the hassle. Start your order below, so we can help you in configuring and ordering your desired Mitsubishi directly from the factory. Don't compromise on your new vehicle purchase. Get exactly what you're looking for.

Visit Us

Make an appointment at the dealership and talk with a member of our sales team about a custom order.

Place Order

Secure your vehicle with at least a 10% deposit. We will keep you updated on the build and delivery date.

Take Delivery

Complete the purchase paperwork online or in-store and drive home in the vehicle of your dreams.

Start building your dream vehicle from home

Configure your desired Mitsubishi online to save time when visiting our showroom.

Frequently asked questions about Sold Orders

Is a deposit needed to order/reserve a Mitsubishi vehicle?

Yes, we do require a deposit for custom sold orders. Required deposits may vary depending on the unit ordered. Unique or specialty orders would require higher deposits.

Can I make changes or edits to my vehicle order/reservation?

In the early stages of production changes or edits to your order can be made; however, once your ordered Mitsubishi has reached a certain status in production, no changes can be made.

How will I know when my order/reservation is ready?

Your El Cajon Mitsubishi sales professional will keep you updated on the estimated delivery date.

Are you taking orders on the new PHEV?

Information on production for PHEV vehicles has not been released yet. If you would like to be added to the call list for PHEV, please fill out this form and we will reach out when we have more information on the Pricing and Reservation process.